Zhambyl Economic and Investment Forum
April 26-27 | city of Taraz


Forum program

April 26


General gathering of participants in the following directions



Excursion route in Taraz for guests who do not participate in other directions

(Zhambyl Regional Museum of Local History, archaeological park «Kone Taraz», Caravanserai «Turtkul», mosque «Erteislam», mausoleums «Aisha Bibi», «Karakhan», «Tekturmas» and others)



11:00-13:00 1. Visit to the SEZ «Chemical Park Taraz»
- Meeting on the development of SEZ
- Meeting with potential investors (Shu district)
14:00-14:30 2. Laying of the capsule for the start of construction of the cement production plant of Korcem LLP (Singapore) (Kordai district)
16:30-17:30 3. Opening ceremony of the factory for the production of corrugated cardboard «KazstoneBox» LLP (Baizak district)



10:00-10:20 1. Familiarization with greenhouses on hydroponics and aquaponics of GreenwiII LLP (Kordai district)
11:40-12:00 2. Familiarization with the process of operation of the sprinkler plant PF «Mykhan Orda» (Merke district)
- Seminar-meeting on the use of irrigation systems and water-saving technologies
12:40-13:00 3. Familiarization with the progress of intensive planting of berry crops – strawberries by Zhemis-Zhidek LLP (Merke district)
13:20-13:50 4. Familiarization with the project for processing koumiss «Tau kymyzy» PF «Ar-As» (Merke district)
17:00-18:00 5. Opening ceremony of the feed processing plant of JSC «Alel Agro» (Baizak district)



9:00-09:10 1. Gathering of participants in the historical and ethno-cultural complex «Kone Taraz»
09:10-10:00 2. Visit to the exhibition of artisans «Taraz – the city of masters»
10:30-11:303. Visit to the Akyrtas Palace Complex (T. Ryskulov district)
11:30-12:30 4. Opening of the ethno-tourist complex «Almaly resort» in Zhambyl district
14:50-15:00 5. Gathering of participants of the excursion trip
15:00-18:30 6. Information tour of the city of Taraz and the surrounding area: visiting historical and cultural sites (mausoleums «Aisha Bibi», «Karakhan», archaeological park «Kone Taraz», «Tekturmas» and others)





9:20-9:40 1. Visit to the IT Academy of Taraz on the basis of the International Taraz Innovation Institute
9:40-10:50 2. Familiarization with the achievements of the International Taraz Innovation Institute in the field of digital technologies
11:10-11:40 3. Familiarization with the work of the automated system of the Winter Garden
12:00-12:40 4. Familiarization with the achievements of secondary educational institutions of the region in the field of robotics
14:30-16:30 5. Meeting on the problems and development of «Smart» cities
17:15-18:00 6. Exhibition of promising projects of local IT companies
18:00-18:45 7. Meeting of the «Day of Digitalization»




Laser show, gala concert, Barbecue party («Kone Taraz» complex)

April 27


Registration of Forum participants


Opening of the exhibition «The Best Product of Kazakhstan» and the International Economic and Investment Forum «ZNEIF – 2023» (on stage)


Welcoming speech of Akim of Zhambyl region N.M.Nurzhigitov


Visit of the delegation of the exhibition «The best product of Kazakhstan»



1. Speech of Akim of Zhambyl region N.M. Nurzhigitov
2. Speech of the Minister of MNE of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.S. Kuantyrov
3. Speech of the Minister of DDIaI RK B.B. Musin
4. Speech of the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Uzbekistan B.B. Atamkulov
5. Speech of the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kyrgyz Republic R.S. Zhoshybayev
6. Speech of the President of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan T.I. Bespalov
7. Speech of the Executive Director of the Association «TUKIB» A. Huseynov
8. Speech of the First Vice-Minister of MTI RK A.A. Shakkaliev
9. Speech by the Chairman of the Committee of the Tourism Industry of the ICSRC Ryspekov D.A.


Signing ceremony of bilateral documents:
Akimat of Zhambyl region with the companies «Monnet Group» (India), «Alacem» (Singapore), «Knauf» (Germany), «Chagala Mining» (Russia), «Taraz Solar Park» (Hungary), etc.


The award ceremony of the winners of the regional exhibition «The best product of Kazakhstan» in the nominations:
- nomination «The best industrial goods»;
- nomination «The best goods for the population»;
- nomination «Best food products»;
- nomination «Made in Zhambyl region»


Lunch time


B2B bilateral meetings

Signing of bilateral agreements between companies:
- Zhambyl Cement Production Company LLP - Victory LLC (Kyrgyzstan) (cement export to Kyrgyzstan);
- Saule Confectionery Factory LLP - SUNLIGHT FOOD TRADING LLC (export of confectionery products to Uzbekistan);
- Saule Confectionery Factory LLP - UL-AI TESTI LLC (export of confectionery products to Kyrgyzstan);
- Taraz Metallurgical Plant LLP - TMZ Trading House LLC (Russia) (supply of electrode mass and ferrosilicon manganese);
- «Aktas» LLP - JSC «Kant Cement Plant» (export of limestone and shale to Kyrgyzstan);
- IE «Ecosystem services» - LLP «BIOMELIORANT» (supply of mineral fertilizers)


Meeting of Akim of Zhambyl region N.M. Nurzhigitov with the business community and investors


Meeting of the Diplomatic Club on the expansion of bilateral relations and the election of the President of the Diplomatic Club


Briefing with regional and republican media


Gala concert